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Happy Chinese New Year

Exotic Chinese New Year with Stroboscopic Work



 Jodo  Mission,  Laahaina


Marshall Arts were done on horseback as well as on the ground.


The Lion Dance represents the welcoming of The Chinese The Year, Maui Style. I don't think too many places in the world can beat Maui for the shear opulence of the locations. The pictures start at The Grand Weilea and then go to The Four Seasons, The Shops of Weilea and then on to The Streets of Lahaina, culminating at The Wo Hing Temple. It is one of the oldest Chinese temples in the western hemisphere. There were several fireworks displays during this event as Lions danced up and down the the corridors of hotels, The Shops and through the streets of Lahaina.

Wo Hing Temple in Lahaina, HI.

Stroboscopic Work

This is the second oldest Temple in the Western Hemisphere.  Eating the lettuce is symbolic of Good Fortune and Prosperity.


                   Lions Four Seasons Hotel

Stroboscopic---Please pay attention to the stroboscopic detail on the lounge chair with the multiple legs and the whirling eyes of The Lion.