Miraculous Slides

The Base


Laminated Lotus



I as a Spiritualist and Artist Created these images for you. Enjoy! These Laminated Images were created from my Virginia Lotus Pond. These two slides are what all the images were based upon. A scan will show the image but not the slide. I had wished to show you the actual slides. In order to accomplish this I tapped them to a glass door with making tape and shot it with my camera. The gold is the tape as the sun shines through. In the location that I taped the slides I have had my first Maui Lotus

blooms.   I now have two Lotus and a Waterlily on my Lani.



The Lotus & Dr. Emoto



I am not the only one, I am certain, that would be delighted to live the magical, mystical and enchanted properties of The Lotus as part of my daily life. If we lived in Asia or India we would know, with every cell of our being, this remarkable, revered flower. It provides a continual state of blessing. It is used in wedding ceremonies, for good fortune and prosperity. It repels negative energy and is of the highest spiritual quality.   Buddhists pray to have The Heart of The Lotus. The power of The Lotus is exorbitantly phenomenal.


Dr. Emoto is the research scientist that has discovered how to prove what our Kahunas have always said. I first learned about Dr. Emoto at a lecture at The Ritz Carlton and then got to see him in person at a lecture he was doing on Maui at The Plantation together with a translator. Our Kahunas knew that water collected in specific areas had certain properties. Dr.Emoto learned how to prove them correction his lab.  He freezes water to a specified temperature. The crystallization that is produced is always able to be duplicated in direct relationship to where it was collected. The water collected in various part of the ocean has different properties and therefore can be used for various aliments. If one sends a sample of water to Dr. Emotes' lab it must be pure vital water, not denatured. He asks you to write under the collection bottle what ever is being tested. The images of The Lotus that I created follow that principle. By placing whatever it is that you desire on top of the empowering mats you gain the effect of my creation. I based my imagery on The Lotus and French writing. I had purchased a Lotus water bottle that said Awakening on it. That is most assuredly one of the meanings of a Lotus. There are so many meanings, all wonderful, that I desired to implant the fullness and not only a portion of The Lotus into whatever I was working with. I had boxes of slides from my Virginia days.  I used two of them to create all of these images.  Each image has a different energy to it.   It you are a sensitive you will be able to feel it. The names themselves have been given to them because of the representation of the colors upon them. They are all spiritual as well as Asian 'good fortune' together with our Hawaiian Demi gods.  The colours themselfs provide color therapy.




The one marked 'The Buddhist Story' was given that name because an orchid grower and I were talking about Lotus. She mentioned the Buddhist reverence for The Blue Lotus. I told her botanically there was no such thing. In actuality it is a blue waterlily. In some Asian countries they do not have a distinction in their name between waterlily and lotus. It is a matter of language and not horticulture, hence the colour deviations I went home and made my friend a true lotus that was blue and gave her a gift.  Loni is in actuality The Demi God Lono which goes into a long story when I lived on Oahu.  He has appeared to me as a Peacock, hence his colour.  Cun Yin is the Cantonese pronunciation for Kwan Yin. She loves purple.  Tangerines are considered to be of even greater good fortune then oranges by the Chinese.  'Grandfather' is a God in Canton/Guangzhou, China.  Grandfather is extremely loving so he therefore asked to be given the rose colour.  Tai is from The Wong Tai Sin Temple in Kowloon, Hong Kong. I have spent much time there.  He loves the colours of red and gold.  Zohar is baaed upon The Book of Zohar from The Old Testament. The Qabalah is based upon that book. The colours blue and white that would have been worn in the form of a prayer shawl called a Tallit.  I could feel the Lotus become a Tallit as I completed it.  Our Demi God Maui kept telling me he wanted gold, I kept seeing green.  In meditation He told me where, in the computer, he wanted me to do the colour conversion.  Guess what, it came out a combination of gold with green.  As the Valley Isle, and once again wishing to be distinctively different then all His friends, He chose to look like new leaf green with sun shinning through while keeping the gold that the Ali'i are known for.  I put a transliteration of the essence of the French in English upon the images.  It felt good to do.



My Personal Lotus Miracles



These are my own personal lotus miracles. One evening, instead of meditating with my Spiritual O'Hana, I spent the time mumbling instead. 'How can I create my vision and knowing?' 'I have boxes of lotus slides from the time I lived in VA.' of my lotus pond' 'They are buried deeply in my closet.' 'I know their exact location and cannot get to them.' The following morning two of my slides suddenly appeared upon my desk. There was the wall next to the pond, the wall ca be seen in Three Delight and Sonam. Creation now became making two into the favored Chinese number of eight, I then added to that upon feeling that the various spirits, my O'Hana, should each have their own personal lotus via its colour, their individual energy shoots out of their respected colours. The Chinese number of completion now became the magic number of fifteen.   Creation also became how to get these precious miracles into my computer without a slide scanner. The scanner had gone with the age of digital photography. Next to come is my baby lotus that had its' first blossom on my lani. It hasn't even gotten into the computer yet. Lotus only bloom for three days. It seems that there are morning and afternoon bloomers. I would always be greeted with my lotus blossoms upon my return at the end of the day in Virginia. The one I have here opens together with sunrise and by 1:30 it has returned to a bud stage.




My artistic imagination took me to creating laminations based upon Dr. Emotes research.


C’est Moi, Ma Vie Est La Belle Époque/I live the good life or the enchanted life as is the translation on the Internet of the French era of the 1890's and C’est Moi, Le Danseur Lumièreor Magique, The Magical Light Dancer. C’est Moi, Le Mystique, Magique Lotus Enchantment, Savage et Libre


English transliteration of the essence is Its’ Me, The Magical Blessed One, Wild & Free



Everything starts with C'est Moi, It's Me, whatever you place upon it is therefore personalized for you directly.


The essence of the writing as well as that of the lotus is imparted into whatever you utilize the mats for, that is inclusive of placements and .coasters. I and others have found that just facing into a room fills it with the empowerment.


I also make The Empowered Mats as Empowered Laminated Placements and Empowered Coasters in 5 mil laminate in addition to the 8.5 x 11" Healing Size in 10 mil laminate.


 The Empowered Mats sell for $20 each.

Three Delights

Cun Yin with Lono



Tai Too

Demi God Lono


Chinese Red

Cun Yin


Sonam Too



Demi God Maui

The Buddhist Story