The slide show is that of Semoia's works presently at the gallery. Orchids are within the gallery itself and rotation of images in the studio. The rotation is that of The Brook at Iao Valley, considered to be the Piko (Center) of the world, Seascapes and The Model Kittens and Sunsets.


The images are an Exclusive Edition' of ten plus The Artist Proof . It is called an 'Exclusive Edition' because there are galleries that say they have a limited edition and upon questioning you find that 'limited' is 969 images.


The color spectrum of the images have been chosen to harmonize with each other as they are in close proximity within the studio. You may have a requirement for different colors that can probably be found in the second slide show of  La Collection.' Semoia also does custom work.




The Golden Chalis

The Lotus, My Lotus, The Lotus of so many blessings of The East, Wisdom-Magical Life.  This work of art has been created via MANY techinques, inclusive of Stroboscopic effects to bring forth the full growing cycle of this revered flower.

Presentation of Works Seen at The Studio

The Studio is the third Ka'anapali exit from Lahaina and the first from Kapalua.

Call for appointment.